Cooking Gallery SME Pages
27 Dec 2003SME Server Pages Many minor updates.
02 Oct 2003New Diary Photos Updates from April and May.
25 July 2003SME Server Pages Many minor updates and new PuTTY page.
07 Jun 2003SME Server Pages CVS pages updated with TortoiseCVS and WinCVS information.
07 Jun 2003Japanese Cuisine Older information removed.
17 May 2003SME Server Pages CVS pages updated with CVSweb information.
15 Apr 2003New Diary Photos A Wedding and more cycling.
15 Apr 2003SME Server Pages SSH Public-Private Key Introduction added, most pages updated to CSS.
16 Mar 2003New Diary Photos The first Diary photos of 2003.
02 Mar 2003New Photos Yoshiko's underwater photography in Maui.
20 Feb 2003SME Server Pages sysmon guide added and lm_sensors guide updated.
27 Dec 2002SME Server Pages lm_sensors guide updated.
24 Dec 2002Japan Photos A new section for my Photos from Japan, this was supposed to be the biggest section on this website!.
22 Dec 2002SME Server Pages Guides for mnwclient & lm_sensors.
21 Dec 2002Japanese Cuisine The shops have been updated, and all pages have the new design.
17 Dec 2002Books The Books page was updated, now with images of the books.
17 Dec 2002PC Pages New pages about my home server.
17 Dec 2002New look I finally redesigned the buttons.
02 Nov 2002New Photos from Scandanavia, Holland and Rye.
The Photo pages have a new design, although mostly behind the scenes.
30 Oct 2002Lena's World Lena has a new WebSite.
16 Sep 2002Photo Diary Holland 2002.
25 Jul 2002Photo Diary Hever Castle.
17 Jul 2002Photo Diary London Eye, and more Norfolk & Deer.
09 Jun 2002Photo Diary Norfolk, Flowers, and more Deer.
04 Apr 2002Photo Diary A Fox, Flowers, and more Lena.
19 Mar 2002A new section added on books currently covering Living in Britain and Sushi.
19 Mar 2002Photo Diary new higher quality Lena Photos, and a movie?.
16 Feb 2002Photo Diary updated with more Lena Photos.
10 Jan 2002Photo Gallery updated with underwater photos from Maui.
10 Jan 2002Photo Gallery updated with photos from Christmas in Maui.
10 Jan 2002Photo Diary addition of 1st photo from 2002.
14 Dec 2001Photo Diary addition of photos showing Autumn and Winter.
25 Sep 2001Photo Gallery updated with photos from Sweden and Austria.
03 Oct 2001Front Page & Photo pages redesigned.
25 Sep 2001Photo Diary addition of photos from Sweden, Austria and my patio! more to come soon.
01 Sep 2001Photo Diary given an overhaul with addition of the old photos.
30 Aug 2001Photos from Autumn Bank Holiday added, and Photo Diary updated.
20 Aug 2001Photo Diary section added to the Photo Gallery.
22 Jul 2001Photos from Japan 2001 Summer Holiday added.
10 Apr 2001Further improvements to the Photo Gallery.
17 Mar 2001Photo Gallery redesigned.
15 Mar 2001Photos from Maui 2001 Winter holiday added.
17 Jan 2001Minor updates, including pancakes.
09 Oct 2000Sushi pages updated.
09 Oct 2000New front page.
28 Sep 2000Some scuba photos added to the photo gallery.
28 Sep 2000Natto Sushi Photos added.
10 Sep 2000The site found a new look.

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