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Easy Sushi

by emi kazuko
This is a beautiful book, which is worth buying for the style and photography alone.
Luckily it also has a good selection of recipies, including some for children.
It is very clear and easy to follow, the best book that I have found so far.
ISBN 1-84172-075-5


Sushi: Taste and Technique

by Kimiko Barber & Hiroki Takemura
This is another beautiful book, full of good photographs.
This is a larger book than Easy Sushi so is able to cover more.
Certainly a book to consider if you want to understand more about sushi.
ISBN 0751336998


Vegetarian Sushi

by hiroko fukuhara & yasuko takahata
For those unfortunate few, like me, who cannot eat fish, this book will be a lifeline.
It has over 40 recipies with vegetables instead of fish.
It is just a pity that it has not been produced to the same high standard as emi's book.
ISBN 0-8348-0466-2

Living in Britain

by JP Publications vol 5 2002

This book has nothing to do with cooking, but it deserves a mention here.
This book comes highly recommended for those Japanese living in Britain.
Written in Japanese, for Japanese, it helps cope with the culture shock.

It is available from The Japan Centre or use the ISBN number to order it from any bookshop.

ISBN 4-86055-004-8