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Introduction to Sushi

Maki Roll

This is the classic sushi roll. The filling of your choice is added to sushi rice spread on a sheet of nori. For more ideas see our recipie page.

Nori & Sushi

A sheet of nori should be placed on the bamboo mat, shiny face down. A thin layer of rice is evenly spread on top whilst leaving a border around the edge.

Add the filling

The filling, in this case tuna mayonnaise, is added as a line down the center.
Sushi being rolled

The sushi is carefully rolled using the bamboo mat. Make sure the end of the nori sheet goes under the rice.
Sushi Roll

Roll the mat up firmly to compress the rice. The sushi roll is now ready to be cut into slices.
Cut Sushi Roll

Using a wet knife cut the roll into slices.

Hoso Maki

Hoso Maki is a variant of the normal maki roll. It uses a half sheet of nori to give a smaller, thiner roll.


This shows only a half sheet of nori being used. Add a very thin layer of sushi rice, then continue as above, but remember to use less filling.

Oshi Sushi

This is pressed sushi, and does not require a bamboo mat. Instead the sushi can be pressed into a rectangular container.

Adding the sushi rice

To make it easy to remove the sushi from the container, it can be lined with cling film. The topping, in this case salmon and capers, are placed in first. Then the sushi rice is added before placing a weight on top to compress the rice.

After 15 min the sushi can be removed from the container and cut with a wet knife. In this photo the capers can be seen through the salmon.