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SME Server Release Analysis

22nd July 2007 Ian Wells


This is an analysis of the recent SME Server Releases. It looks at where the packages come from, or who last updated them. This is currently a first draft as it has been largely automatically generated and may not be very useful in its current form.

An overview of RPM versions in each release since 5.0.


SME Server 7.2

Obsolete Releases
SME Server 7.1
SME Server 7.0
SME Server 6.5RC1
SME Server V6.0.1-01
SME Server 6.0 unsupported developer release

SME Server 6.x overview
SME Server 7.0 overview
SME Server 7.1 overview

Key to release analysis pages

Origin of this version

Where did this RPM come from, this indicates if the package was rebuilt or updated locally.

Project URL

For packages that are not delivered from the Base Distro this is the URL of the originating project.